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Project Summary
Why is it so cool

Company and app marketing website for industry-leading landing page generator platform. The content management mechanisms are powered byt MotoPress - a slick and handy visual page builder allowing the administrator and editors to live-preview content updates and build up pages out of pre-defined blocks. Static resources are powered by Amazon CDN with allows instant page load across the globe.

                                <requirements>  Wordpress CMS 
                                                Multilingual Content Management
                                                Intense with Animations 
                                                Page Builder
                                                Page Insights Speed above 90
                                <highlights>    Interactive Portfolio
                                                Interactive Icons
                                                Content Creation Mechanism
                                                Amazon AWS / S3
                                <links>         Landingi
                                                Custom Meta Boxes 
                                                Wordpres Multilingual 

Clear Sales Funnel for your websites's visitors

Manage Everything, Visually!

Using the optimized and customized content editor is easy and efficient. Just drag the elements from the menu and drop it wherever you want to see them on page.

SEO Matters

Every page, portfolio element or template has its own SEO settings and quick Google search results preview. The website architecture and code is SEO friendly.

Leads and Sales Funnel

Clear CTAs, seamless navigation and direct communication makes it easy to generate leads and attract customers.

Optimized, Cached... Fast

With multiple caching mechanisms and Amazon cloud CDN the loads in a blink of an eye.

Easy-to-use Drag&Drop MotoPress Visual Builder with Custom Elements

Content Management Systems with Embedded Icon's set

Manageable Templates and Portfolio Database

Motopress Content Editor Template Sections for Landingi.com

Multilingual Social-Ready Blog

Optimized and Cached Multilingual Blog

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