Corporate Glaze

HTML Corporate Front-End with Design System

You own a corporate product and your sellers complain the
15-year old User Interface is slightly *moldy* and no-one is hungry for it? When you try to talk to IT department you get a stack of reasons why things are OK as they are. We know a workaround.

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Why it adds flavour and makes it fresh?

We have collected 10-year worth of experience and put together a product that works in many cases. It's always bespoke, but core ideas are tested in the field = the best of two words.

Interactive Prototypes

Before turning things upside down we validate our ideas with proper Business Analysis and interactive prototypes that look and feel like the real deal.

1:1 User Experience

Imitating server connections, downtime, low response time and real-live data we provide a nearly 1:1 experience of your User Interface to be.

Zero-Risk Outsourcing

While doing all that we don't even want to access your repository and source code and even go near your security protocols. You get your deliverables nicely packed with manual on how to integrate them at sign-off.

Universal Deliverables

We are versatile Front-End Developers, but we do believe in universality of pure HTML, JS and per-component css files. We do frameworks too, but use simple set of rules that every IT department loves.


There are few things you might want to know

  • We always deliver custom designs tailored to your brand
  • We don't use heavy templates and random elements
  • We provide full analysis before we design
  • We create tailored User Experience based on your inputs
  • We don't build on top of bootstrap to make things even heavier
  • We do not outsource our development to random people
  • We have a clean workflow so you know what comes next

What about mobile users?
How do we support mobile experiences?

There are many ways we incorporate mobile experience in our design. Data-tables aren't really mobile friendly, so we sometimes suggest to keep things separate and make a bespoke mobile experience. It can always use the same element library, but the way they interact are gesture driven, more mobile-like.

What makes it different from Bootstrap or any other implementation?

There are many ready solutions out there. How would you know this is the good for our brand and makes you different?

Custom Design

We always run User Experience analysis, competitive analysis and seek-out only the best practices to your brand and target

Clean Code

We never install random packages to gain few days, because this never works in the long run. It's all there for the Software Engineers to finish the job.

No Limitations

We focus mainly on perfect Front-End Experience so you don't get any push-back from developers that things cannot be done.


We follow only the best practices and don't take heavy, ready solutions. We deliver smooth KISS, DRY and SOLID files - easy for everyone to understand.

Not your set of flavours?

Here are some alternatives that might fill the gap. Check out our other products. They target different areas of Web Application and Software Development but they also share the common factors of our work ethics.

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We Hate Spam Too – Your Information Is 100% Secure & Will Only Be Referenced For A Consultation

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