Marketing Salad

Marketing CMS for Lead Generation

Great tool to spread the word, build your brand packed with all the social and analytics you'll ever need. We use best practices and optimizing tools for you to always stay in ahead of the competition.

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Don't take our word for it. See some of our greatest work we cannot share publicly, but are allowed to show via secret links. We respect our NDA's.

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What makes it work?

We have collected 10-year worth of experience and put together a product that works in many cases. It's universal, but tailored = the best of two words.

Great for SEO

Our natural structure of internal link building, headers makes it easy for the Search Engines to understand what your page is about.

Social Friendly

Packed with sharing functions, Automatic tagging it allows your content to get viral in a heartbeat.

Fast Worldwide

Upload images and videos to global network of content distribution for your content to be accessible worldwide.

Familiar to Authors

Our administrative side is intuitive and familiar to most of the authors, we use popular engines to power our CMS.


There are few things you might want to know

  • We always deliver custom designs tailored to your brand
  • We don't use heavy templates with bunch of plugins
  • We provide full analysis before we design
  • We create tailored User Experience based on your inputs
  • We use only premium photographs we own copyrights to
  • We do not outsource our development to random people
  • We have a clean workflow so you know what comes next

What about mobile users?
How do we support mobile experiences?

There are multiple ways we support mobile users! We use different solutions depending on what your users actually need. We can even make a Progressive Web Application that will communicate with our marketing CMS and will only take data to make the experience super fast.

What makes it different?

There are many solutions out there. How would you know this is the good for our brand and makes you different?

Custom Design

We always run User Experience analysis, competitive analysis and seek-out only the best practices to your brand and target

Clean Code

We never install random packages to gain few days, because this never works in the long run

No Limitations

We are not limited by any CMS engine, so there are endless options for additional, well-coded modules


We use community-rich solutions and follow KISS, DRY and SOLID rules of Software Development

Not your set of flavours?

Here are some alternatives that might fill the gap. Check out our other products. They target different areas of Web Application and Software Development but they also share the common factors of our work ethics.

Information System

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Streamlining
  • High Availability
  • Zero-downtime Deployment
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MVP Architecture

  • Core Functions Only
  • Ready for new Features
  • Scalability-Oriented
  • Low Maintenance
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Corporate Front-End

  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Full User Experience
  • Zero-Risk Outsourcing
  • Universal Deliverables
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Ready to order?

Exactly what you need? Let us know. We are more than happy to tell you what next steps are - this is not our first delivery. If you need something slightly different or you have not found the features that you were looking for - describe your dream setup for us and we'll get back to you asap.

We Hate Spam Too – Your Information Is 100% Secure & Will Only Be Referenced For A Consultation

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