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Who we are
A Brief Story of How it all started

We started out in 2010 as a team of mission-impossible developers. The bigger the challenge - the more excited we were about it. People came to us by reference, and a lot of them stayed to this day. We value conversation over confrontation and we believe there is a common ground for any case. Cultivating the former, we have handled a few interesting cases - as a team we have managed to:

  • Interact with Baidu API reading chinese documentation only (without any knowledge of Chinese)
  • Take-over some Android phones and turn them into life-saving devices
  • Meet some insane deadlines for world-leading financial Institutions
  • Create unforgettable user experiences
  • Match-up to swiss precision tweaking Typo3 sideways
  • Track the untrackable - digitize the SF Express shipping model

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We belive that transparency is key.

What we use
Here are some of our favourite tools

We are flexible, but we have some favourites. Modern development comes with it's challenges - every experienced developer will defend his choice of Technologies. It's what we call 'the stack'. Given every project is unique and today's business models are a bit more complex we usually set up a project-specific stack. We believe that the best stack is the one that fits the requirements.
Here are some of our stack components and the tools to manage the process:

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